Referencing your company

Why should you reference your company?

If you work in IT, telecoms or Home Digital, by referencing your company just once in our directory it will be visible in numerous web sites:

  • Your company will automatically show up in searches in many IT & telecom directories
  • You will receive information from manufacturers about news and new products related to your activity
  • By centralizing your company information you will avoid the numerous surveys made by different manufacturers

Is this free of charge? Yes, referencing your company or your products is completely free of charge.

Please note that if you are already references in the catalogue of products and services or of software editors you are automatically referenced in the general directory too.

NB: The login information to access your account on is not the same as that used to update your profile, your company or your product information. Please use the following procedure:

Procedure to change the  information referenced in the directory

1. Complete your registration form
In order to receive a login and password you must first complete a registration form. Your login information will be sent to you within 24-48 hours. (If you already have your log in information go straight to step 2.)


>> Access the registration document

2. To start referencing
Use the login information provided to log in to the directory and update your company and product information.

>> Access the referencing platform

Once you have completed your referencing you will receive an email to confirm that your company's offer has been published on-line.




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