Affiliate Progamme

AffiliationJoining our affiliate programme by incorporating an on-line directory has numerous advantages:
• You benefit from the largest, most in-depth database of European database of ICT market players (125 000 company profiles, over 250 selection criteria)
• Constant information updates by database professionals
• A customizable directory (number of companies, products shown…)
• You create value for your site visitors or members with rich site content
• You improve your brand image by offering your community a new service which will increase their confidence in your site

Make money by integrating a directory in your website

Our affiliate programme Directories for a Digital Economy provides a source of revenues. We incorporate commercial links into the directories which allow us to qualify a site visitor’s needs via an on-line form. You get a commission for each completed form. It’s that simple!

The commercial links in the Directories for a Digital Economy are managed by compuBase. These links may be to a form to request a quote or enterprise diagnostics.

Every time a site visitor fills out a form to request a quote or enterprise diagnostics you receive a payment. The more you promote your directory the greater the potential number of clicks and completed forms.

What kind of remuneration can you expect?

This depends on the number of completed forms and the potential of the requests. The greater the number of requests for a quote, the greater your remuneration will be. So you may have a website with a lot of traffic but with few requests or a very specialized website with very specific requests (CRM, ERP…). Both could generate good remuneration.


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