Website partnerships

Partenariat entre sitesYou have a website and think we should work together?

Partnerships and alliances are very important to compuBase. We believe that 1+1 can make more than 2 when partners know how to work together intelligently. At compuBase we are always looking to expand our ecosystem by creating new ties with companies working in IT & Telecoms with a complementary offering to our own.  

Exchanging links

Website partnerships are a great way to increase the popularity of a site and the number of site visitors. If you would like to have a website partnership with compuBase send us a request by email.

Publication of on-line directories

compuBase has developed a programme for the diffusion of IT software and SaaS directories. This programme is called “Directories for a digital economy”. Find out more about this programme here.

Sale of compuBase products

compuBase has an affiliation programme to enable third party websites to resell part of our product offering. For further information about this please contact our sales department on +33 1 69 18 34 34


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