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Computer wholesaler, expert in IT services


  • Why partner with Cidexport?
  • To improve your margins an offer your clients competitive prices
  • For an online access to all stock updated several times a day
  • Portables, pcs, screens, servers, networks, print…a large range of products with immediate availability
  • Orders are handled quickly and with care
  • Upgrades for hardware are possible and can be assembled in our workshop (memory, modem 3G, DD…)
  • OS modification is also possible (W7PRO, XPPRO…) prior to expedition, even for the latest generation references
  • Possibility to reserve a reference for 24hours, while you get final client agreement
  • A sales and technical team at your service to help solve your clients’ problems

Cidexport is HP Preferred Partner and HP Renew Pc/Servers Partner since 2011

You can easily find the product you are looking for in Cidexport’s catalogue by searching the product family and condition.
Product condition is clearly defined in the stock: See the codes used to identify the state of products with Cidexport

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