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Value-added services
The Dexxon Group is a leading distribution company specializing in equipment and supplies for the IT market. Dexxon Data Media is a multi-specialist wholesaler dealing in storage, printing, office and multimedia solutions. The group designs and markets consumer entertainment solutions and accessories through its exclusive global brand EMTEC, including the Gdium line.

Brands and  products distributed
Dexxon the group positions itself as a multi-specialist wholesaler of storage, printing and office  solutions:

  • Data storage:
    One of the most comprehensive catalogues on the market for  backup solutions, including the band solutions AIT, DDS , DLT, SDLT and LTO, autoloaders, NAS drives, ZIP disks , CD and DVD burners and media, and all memory sticks CompactFlash, MemoryStick, Intuix etc.
  • Print Solutions:
    Printers and consumables, including ink ribbons and paper, ranging from entry-level products to professional printers.
  • Multimedia and office equipment:
    Fax machines and copiers, consumables, multifunction, video projectors, scanners, digital cameras, phones, accessories such as keyboards, mice and cables.
  • Casio calculators and cash registers :
    The group Dexxon  has the exclusive distribution of Casio calculators and electronic cash registers in France and Belgium, including school calculators, graphic and scientific calculators, PAD and digital and alphanumeric tills andpayment terminals
  • Maintenance solutions:
    On-site maintenance, implementation of extended warranties on behalf of our manufacturers warranty extensions and home repair services

Main brands distributed
Brother, Canon, EMTEC, HP, Quantum

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