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Contact to open an account :
Tel : 0800 807 022
Fax : 0820 38 9000


Value-added Services
Tech Data France SAS is a subsidiary of Tech Data Corporation ( Nasdaq: DTEC ) , a leading global personal computer wholesaler  also ensuring logistics management and other value-added services . Founded in 1974 and located in 102nd place out of the 500 largest companies, Tech Data and its subsidiaries serve more than 90,000 specialised resellers in the United States, Canada , the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

Brands & products distributed
Tech Data works with nearly 200 suppliers on a wide range of products.

Major brands
Acer, Apple, HP, Microsoft, Symantec.

To open an account:
If you would like to open a client account with Tech Data France :
Visit :
click on "DEMO"
using your company registration number you can view real -time tracking of your request and receive alerts.

Complete the online registration forms and upload directly onto the Techdata website the following support documents:
- Extract K -bis of less than 3 months mentioning the computer resale activity
- Bank account details (IBAN)
- Letterhead stating your  company contact details
- The General Sales Conditions (GSC) signed and stamped
- A valid national identity card ( passport , driving license ) on behalf of the company manager

To open an account :
Tel : 0800 807 022
Fax : 0820 38 9000


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