Directories for a Digital Economy

Following  compuBase's contribution to the French government's project "Passeport pour l’Economie numérique" from 2006 to 2011, compuBase continues to facilitate collaboration bewteen professionals in the ICT market by creating new web services to promote the ICT eco-system. 

Directories for a digital economy are intended for use by public and private organisations. They are a means of promoting players in the ICT sector. Using web services, compuBase can supply web masters with easy-to-integrate modules, allowing them to promote their own eco-system by enriching it with directories of suppliers of solutions and services to the ICT sector.  


Based on the largest database of ICT market players in EMEA and our in house xBase© technology, these directories enable site visitors to make multi-criteria data searches:

• For products, solutions or company information

• By product category or key word

• By product name, publisher or manufacturer, or by requirement

The advantage of this system is that the webmaster can define exactly which companies should show in the directory, without having all the issues associated with data maintenance, since the information is stored in the compuBase database. 


Manufacturers and software publishers

You would like to help thousands of potential clients find a local company with expertise in your products or solutions? Integrate a Partner Locator into your website. We can help you find the most effective solution, to meet your own specific requirements (labels, certifications etc…)


IT professionals

Being referenced in means you automatically show up in the directories for a digital economy. Just remember to keep your information updated.


The problem

  • The development of a digital economy has created a need for certain services for enterprises
  • Being able to access directories of local IT service providers is one efficient way of responding to these needs
  • Creating such directories is generally fairly simple, but often a lack of resources makes it difficult to maintain the data, and the directories soon become out of date
  • The mutliplication of directories means a company has to register in several different directories to be sure of being really visible on the market. This factor  often leads to the degradation of certain directories

Our Solution

  • Access to the largest European directory of IT professionals (125.000 enterprises, 250+ selection criteria)
  • Integration of white-labelled services
  • Easy-to-integrate technology: a script to integrate in a CMS (iframe) or WSDL compatible web services
  • A fixed budget for a period of service
  • Constant update of data
  • Customisable (type/amount of companies/products shown)
  • Quick set-up
  • Based on 20 years of data expertise, and the management of a governmental project "Le Guide d’achat du Passeport pour l’Economie Numérique" and "CapMIcrosoft Guide d'achat des solutions Microsoft"


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