Tradeshow partnerships

SalonsYou are an event organiser and would like compuBase to be associated with your event?

There are various ways in which compuBase can collaborate for tradeshow and events.

 As a conference speaker/presenter

compuBase has in-depth knowledge about IT distribution and can take part in conference, debates and keynotes…Whatever the theme of your event may be it is always useful to have an expert’s point of view to shed light on any discussions and to add depth to your debates.

Recruiting visitors

The compuBase database of ICT market players can be used to help recruit visitors for your tradeshows. We can also provide excellent visibility for your event on our different websites which are regularly consulted by the market.  

Cration of bespoke market studies

If the subject of your tradeshow is within our field of competence, this could be the ideal opportunity to create a specific market study for you. Contact us to discuss the idea!


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