Trade associations

compuBase works in partnership with various trade associations and professional organisations.

In France compuBase is a member of EuroCloud www.eurocloud.org, and the CMIT (Club des Directeurs Marketing & Communication des TIC) www.cmit.fr...

Over 20 years' of market experience and an in-depth knowledge of IT distribution mean that compuBase brings strong added-value to any professional organisation associated with ICT distribution. There are various ways we can help.

Participating in commissions

compuBase often participates in commissions and committees related to IT distribution because we can give a specialist's point of view on various problems and subjects that arise.

Contributing to White Papers

compuBase can help you, either with our own internal information sources, or by setting-up ad hoc surveys to shed light on a specific subject.

Taking part in Conferences

compuBase is regularly asked to intervene in seminars, conferences and debates to contribute our expert opinion on various subjects related to the IT & Telecoms industry.


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